Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) is a vital component of any organisation's security response. Companies which value their confidential and strategic information (Intellectual property) require assurance that these details are not being transmitted (leaked) to competitors or unscrupulous individuals bent on self gain.

C13's professional TSCM team, comprising specialists with military and communications backgrounds, work closely with the client to ensure a full understanding of any current or potential threats.

C13 Associates will ensure the expert deployment of the latest TSCM specialist equipment by qualified operators. We do not under estimate the extreme importance of combining the team's extensive experience with a full and comprehensive physical search, a time consuming task often overlooked or even omitted by other teams.

After an initial consultation a full report will detail any illicit devices and weaknesses and will include recommendations for the organisation to improve its defences against intrusion.

Ongoing support for current clients and no obligation advice is always available from C13 consultants on any matter related to TSCM threats and operations.